Chief Rickey Jones receiving grant from Burl Gruetzner and Jeff Jacks with the Enbridge Energy Company of Houston, Texas.

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STATION 1 - 200 CR 412

STATION 2 - 6257 FM 2259

PO Box 194

Woden, TX 75978

Phone: (936) 564-4881

Woden Fire Department


  • Junior Firefighters must be at least 12 years of age to join and can participate until 18 years of age.
  • Junior Firefighters should maintain at least a "C" average in their school coursework. The Woden Fire Department, through cooperation with the Woden ISD, will monitor this on a quarterly basis. If parents ask up to limit participation at higher averages, their word will always be the last in these cases. In the event a Junior Firefighter has lower than a "C" average, said member will be place on probation until the grade returns to at least a "C" average. Members place on probation will not be allowed to participate in any activities outside meetings unless agreed upon by the Woden VFD, Woden ISD, and the legal guardian of the member.
  • Junior Firefighters must always obtain permission from their legal guardian to participate in our program.
  • Junior Firefighters should always report to their adviser, or the adviser's designee, for all assignments and activities.
  • Junior Firefighters will receive classroom training in core areas of interest with classes focused on general fire, fire prevention and safety, communications, first aid, CPR, and rescue.
  • Junior Firefighters may participate in the following activities:

                       Parades or Special Events

                       Fundraising Events


                        Firefighter Rehab

                       General Standby

                       Fire Safety Activities

                       Fire Prevention Activities


  • Junior Firefighters should attend as many of the special activities and events of the program as possible along with regular monthly meetings.
  • At no time should a Junior Firefighter allow the activities of this program to interfere with their schoolwork.
  • Junior Firefighters may not operate any fire department vehicles
  • Junior Firefighters and their parent or guardian must sign a waiver that includes full disclosure of risk and releases the department from liability should someone become injured.